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Originally Posted by Magnanimous Gnome View Post
All companies are guilty of this.

Besides, the hype for MGS4 is nowhere near that of Halo 3. Hopefully no game ever hits that level of absofuckinglutely ridiculous hype ever again. Game Fuel my ass.
I think the MGS4 marketing blitz will be a lot more subdued. I've enjoyed the games in the series, but I don't think they have an audience, at least in North America, as wide as something like Halo has ended up having. Its just a little more of a niche game style. A lot of the hype has really been within the gaming community, as MGS4 is being seen as one of the key games in Sony's push to steal market share from the 360. MGS3 had reasonable expectations placed on it because it was a sequel coming out on the dominant console. It just had to be a good game, nothing more. "When MGS4 comes out..." has been bandied about so often by the press and the community that it's raised everyone's expectation level for the game.
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