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Legends of Eisenwald Interview

RPG Codex has an interview with Atredux Entertainment's CEO Alexander Dergay about the company's upcoming Kickstarter-funded strategy game Legends of Eisenwald.

You have used the term "Knight-Errant Simulator" to describe Legends of Eisenwald. Could you explain what you mean by that? In general, how would you describe the gameplay?

AD: The word ďsimulatorĒ is not to be taken literally. We donít place an emphasis on reality so it wonít be necessary to feed and keep your hero in a good mood. What we mean by that is that our game would give the player an opportunity to feel like being in the shoes of a medieval nobleman who is not looking for a quiet life. His main business is internecine wars, fulfilling the will of his suzerain and battle campaigns to find glory and wealth.

The game's history is divided into separate scenarios that are connected within a large campaign where a player will have to solve different tasks: sometimes to conquer all enemy castles, sometimes to find a large amount of gold in a short period of time, sometimes to earn the loyalty of a certain faction, etc. Moreover in every scenario there are side quests that we aim to do as diverse as possible.

Castles play an important role in our game because they help to maintain your army. The more castles you conquer the bigger army you can afford. Moreover, you can collect tribute from villages surrounding your castle. The situation is complicated by the fact that surrounding feudal lords know about that too, so itís dangerous to leave your castle without defense. But itís not easy to defend it since the recruits for your garrison often are inexperienced units that are of no big help when they are attacked by a strong army. And to make a strong unit from a raw recruit takes time. So, a player will often face a choice Ė which units to leave to protect a castle and which ones to lead into a fight.
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sounds like an interesting game. looking at that picture makes me wish there was a PlantsVSZombies style of game with these graphics...
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legends of eisenwald

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